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Bayerischer Löwe 2020 -- Cancelled

The Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln scheduled for Diessen on June 6, 2020, has officially been cancelled as a result of health concerns and resulting mandates from the Bavarian state government.  No alternate dates are being planned for the fall given the uncertainty of the virus situation.  Huosigau is considering later alternatives to have a make-up Preisplatteln, and no host for the 2021 Bayerischer Löwe has been identified yet.  The status of this year’s eligible competitors is being discussed, with the possibility of allowing them to compete in 2021 alongside those that become eligible

2020 Bayerischer Löwe & Heimatfest in Diessen

Updated April 16, 2020: These events have been cancelled due to the mandates of the German government that no large gatherings may be held through August 31, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


First posted 11/20/2019:

Gauzeitung Deadline -- May 1

The deadline for the next issue of the Gauzeitung is May 1, 2020.  Please send your articles and pictures to Stay well, friends!

Enzian Volkstanzgruppe's Bid for 2022 Delegates Meeting

I hope all of you are well and staying home while washing your hands often.  Attached for your information are documents for a bid presentation to host the next Delegates Meeting.  If you have questions, please send them to Joseph Hubner, Chair of the Gaufest Steering and Meetings Committee, at

Bayerischer Löwe 2020 Update

The Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln for this year has not yet been cancelled.  The Gauvorplattler of the hosting Gau has been in contact with all the participating Gaue to check when current Gauverband Preisplatteln competitions were.  Some Gaue have already completed them and have competitors identified for this year, but some (like Isargau) have needed to cancel theirs.  It may be that many of the participating Gaue will not have any eligible competitors.  The decision to cancel has not yet been made and it is being discussed with the broader Gauvorplattler group.  We will post an update a

Gauzeitung Issues 1985 - 2017 are on Website

Wilhelm Banzhaf first proposed a Gauverband Nordamerika newsletter in 1985, publishing a pilot issue to gauge the interest within Gau-NA.  At the 1986 Delegates Meeting, the proposal for the "Gauzeitung" was unanimously approved. That meeting was held in Buffalo, NY, where we also celebrated the 20th anniversary of Gau-NA.  Volume 1, Issue 1 went to press in September 1986. The front page news was the Fahnenweihe of Alpenrösl St. Catharines. Today we are on Volume 32.  Willi was editor of the "Gauzeitung" from 1986 through 2008; Karin Dean-Kraft has been Pressewart since then.


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