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Gauzeitung Issues 1985 - 2017 are on Website

Wilhelm Banzhaf first proposed a Gauverband Nordamerika newsletter in 1985, publishing a pilot issue to gauge the interest within Gau-NA.  At the 1986 Delegates Meeting, the proposal for the "Gauzeitung" was unanimously approved. That meeting was held in Buffalo, NY, where we also celebrated the 20th anniversary of Gau-NA.  Volume 1, Issue 1 went to press in September 1986. The front page news was the Fahnenweihe of Alpenrösl St. Catharines. Today we are on Volume 32.  Willi was editor of the "Gauzeitung" from 1986 through 2008; Karin Dean-Kraft has been Pressewart since then. Vergelt's Gott, Willi Banzhaf, Ehren-Gaupressewart, for your vision to create a publication that is still going strong.  

For quite some time now, Volumes 10-29 (1996-2017) have been on the Gauverband website to view or download. Scans of Volumes 1-9 have finally been completed and added, covering 1985 to 1995.  The range of information contained in these issues is impressive. Education, Vereine events, births and deaths, travels, visits to and from Bavaria, controversy -- it's all there.  And you can access each Volume from the Publications/Gauzeitung tab on the website. Each volume has an index to the articles that year.  A complete index to Volumes 1-20 is available that can be searched; work is underway to add Volumes 21 on. 

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