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Trachten-Kalender Info -- Where's Yours?

In April, the Gaubeisitzer sent out a request via email to all the Vereine to update their information for the Trachten-Kalender. So far, only 32 Vereine have responded -- less than half! Those who haven't responded have been sent a reminder email today. The Beisitzer created an easy-to-use online form in which your Verein's information must be entered. That form will feed into a database from which various reports can be generated, including the information contained in the Trachten-Kalender. The previous version of the Kalender will not be manually "updated"; the Kalender will be a completely new booklet based on the info you submit. That's why all the information must be entered into the database.  If you submitted the information already and there are changes, you may complete the form again and resubmit. Curious whether your Verein submitted something? Ask your club Vorstand or secretary. Remember what they say about assuming.

The Kalender will be mailed with the Christmas issue of the Gauzeitung to all subscribers. Please submit or update your information as soon as possible but no later than October 15 to give the Beisitzer and me time to pull the information together and get it printed and ready to mail to 700 people. If you need directions on where the form is and/or how to fill it out, contact Beisitzer Chair Bob Hugel at

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