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Gauausschuss Calls Special Delegates Meeting

An email was sent today to all Gauverband Vereine regarding an upcoming Special Delegates Meeting to discuss the 28. Gaufest.  Please check your emails as soon as possible.


2021 Paul Ulrich Scholarship Applications Being Accepted

The Paul Ulrich Sr. Scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to students involved in the promotion of Bavarian and/or Tyrolean cultural heritage who are members of Gauverband Nordamerika. The eligibility guidelines and application for the 2021 Paul Ulrich Sr. Scholarship are at THIS LINK.  Applications are due in electronic format by December 31, 2020.

Trachten-Kalender Info -- Where's Yours?

In April, the Gaubeisitzer sent out a request via email to all the Vereine to update their information for the Trachten-Kalender. So far, only 32 Vereine have responded -- less than half! Those who haven't responded have been sent a reminder email today. The Beisitzer created an easy-to-use online form in which your Verein's information must be entered. That form will feed into a database from which various reports can be generated, including the information contained in the Trachten-Kalender.

August 2020 Gauzeitung Now Online

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic that has brought our Vereine to a virtual standstill, mailing the Gauzeitung for distribution by the Vereine still isn't practical. But reading the Gauzeitung online is a great alternative!  Read the Gauzeitung at THIS LINK.  It's 20 pages of articles about Tracht (hats & knives), Brauchtum (making Obatzda...

Remembering William Hubner

We are saddened to hear that William Hubner, the Gauverband's Ehrengaukassier, passed away on July 26, 2020.  William was elected as our Treasurer/Gaukassier at the Delegates Meeting held in Milwaukee in 1982 and served in that role until the meeting in Anaheim 2002, for a total of 20 years.  For his many years of service to the Gauverband, William was amongst the second class of officers ever to be named to an Ehren position

Gauzeitung Deadline: August 1

The deadline to submit articles and photos for the Gauzeitung is August 1.  Send your club's news to  If you have not yet submitted your 2020 college and high school graduation information to Gaujugendvertreterin Diane Meck, hurry up!  The deadline has passed but maybe Diane will slip your grads in anyway.  Send them to  It's been a pretty quiet and largely uneventful Vereinsleben for us since the last issue, but let's share what we've been doing to keep in touch wit


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