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2019 Gaufest -- Room Reservations Open Aug. 1

Alt Washingtonia, host of the 2019 Gaufest, has announced that room reservations will be open at the Washington Hilton beginning August 1.  Take a look at the info below for more details.

Gau-NA on the Front Page of Newspaper in Allgäu

After the Löwe & Gaufest in Haldenwang, the Allgäu Rundschau newspaper wrote an article with lots of great pictures.  Click here to see it!  (Thank you, Erika Hoover for sending the pdf!)

Bayerischer Löwe 2018 - News from Haldenwang

Re-published on 6/15/2018*

Haldenwang Last Minute Parade & Trachtenmarkt Info

Festprogramm for Haldenwang

Take a look at D'Wageggler's website -- they have posted the order of the parade (Gau-NA is #11 out of 110 right between Musikkapelle Schrattenbach and the Festwagen of the Schützen Haldenwang) as well as the route that the parade will take.  The parade route is about 1.5 miles long and you'll walk from the tent to the assembly area and then march in the parade back to the tent.  3000 Trachtler will be taking part with numerous bands and Festwagen/"floats."

Haldenwang Update #6

This note was sent to the contact person I have listed for each of the Vereine going to Haldenwang. Please share this with your group. Link to roster & tour info.

What to Expect, What to Wear in Haldenwang

The dance officers and Pressewart have collaborated on a presentation to help you know what to expect during our upcoming trip to the Bayerischer Löwe and what to wear for each event.  There's also a section on how to line up for the Festzug on Sunday afternoon (we're using the same concept as we used for the 2014 Oktoberfest).  There's a LOT of information in the presentation.  Please share it with everyone who is going.  There's also a one-page summary of times, places, what to wear (page #10) that you might want to print out and take along.  We hope that this will make things easy and cl


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