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1.Gau-Nordamerika Fingerhakel-Meisterschaft

Servus alle,
I am happy to confirm that after working with the Education Committee and Alt-Washingtonia, we will be conducting the 1.Gau-Nordamerika Fingerhakel-Meisterschaft at the 27.Gaufest in Washington, D.C.
Hakeln will take place after all Preisplattls (probably on Sunday, time to be confirmed) and efforts to secure competition-grade Tisch and Stühle are underway. Please refer to the presentation previously given, start strengthening your middle fingers, and take note of these categories for competitors:
Jugend 18-21 years 
Lightweight 22-39 up to 70kg (~155 lb) 
Middleweight 22-39 up to 80kg (~175 lb) 
Heavyweight 22-39 up to 90kg (~200 lb) 
Heavyweight 22-39 over 90kg (~200 lb+) 
Senioren I Lightweight 40 - 55 years, up to 85Kg (~187 lb) 
Senioren I Heavyweight 40 - 55 years, over 85Kg (~187 lb+) 
Senioren II from 55 years and up
If this does not deter you, please email me at, with your name, age, weight, and Verein. There will be liability waivers, and most likely a weigh-in. 
Fritz Sheffler

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