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Next Gauausschuß (Executive Board) Meeting
 April 27, 2018
Hosted by Heimat Taenzer, Omaha, Nebraska before the Delegates Meeting

See About Us/Reports-Minutes for more information about the meetings that have been held in Gauverband Nordamerika.





Next Delegates Meeting

April 28-29, 2018  (not the usual weekend!)
 Hosted by Heimat Taenzer, Omaha, Nebraska
(Gauausschuss meets on April 27)

See About Us/Reports-Minutes for more information about the meetings held by Gauverband Nordamerika

As Agendas and Reports are issued for the 2018 Delegates Meeting, they will be posted below.

Make your Hotel Reservations for the meeting -- click on this link.

Deadlines for Proposals

Letter and Forms from Heimat Taenzer       Flower Order Form

                                                                      Post (3/26) regarding Agenda, Schedules, Proposals, Trachtenkalender Form

                                                                      April 21 email from Heimat Taenzer about transportation

                                                                     April 21 Website Post                


An article posted on the website dated October 31, 2017, outlined the procedure for nominations to run for a Gauausschuss position at the 2018 Gauverband Delegates Meeting.  The following links allow you to access the procedure and form in both Word and pdf.


  • Nominations for Ausschuss as of 4/19/2018 -- updated on 4/19 to include the nomination form for Gaukassier. If you have already printed the first publication -- it had 28 pages; the added pages are 29-30 in this version.


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