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Where's the Gauzeitung?

The fall issue of the Gauzeitung, which will have a great pictorial of the Oktoberfest in München, is still in the works.  The past couple of months have turned out to be a bit of a challenge for me, and unfortunately I’m far behind on Gau-work.  But the issue will be out soon… truly!  After that, on to the Christmas issue.  Which brings me to asking for your Christmas ads from both individuals and Vereine.  This year, the issue will again be in beautiful color.  The prices are: 1/8 page $30; ¼ page $60; ½ page $90, & full page $150.  The deadline to submit an ad is December 15.  Send t

Gauverband Nordamerika auf der Oide Wiesn

September 22, 2014 - Gauverband Nordamerika Vereine performed in the Festzelt Tradition in the Oide Wiesn at the Munich Oktoberfest.  Much preparation by 2.Gauvorplattler Rudi Leschke, Gaumusikwart Rick Michels and Gaupressewartin Karin Dean, went into getting ready for this day.  Because of the 100th Anniversary of Edelweiss, Chicago and the 50th Anniversary of Gauverband Nordamerika we were invited by the Festing München e.V.

25. Gaufest update

We are pleased to announce that the registration website for 25.Gaufest in Milwaukee will go live TODAY!!! Vereine Adminstrators, you should have already received an email from our Webmaster, Steve Schultz.

Bayerische Trachtenverband Elections

Photo Hans Menzinger: front from left Renate Koch, Max Bertl, Peter Eicher and Andreas Tax.  back from left Walter Weinzierl, Marcus Gasteiger, Heldgard Hoffmann, Rudi Dietz, Günter Frey (Vorsitzender der Bayerishen Trachtenjugend)

Bayerische Trachtenverband DVD

Appreciation from 1. Gauvorstand

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone who recently participated in the München Oktoberfest, representing the Gauverband Nordamerika so admirably and proudly. I know the Bavarians were truly impressed by our members in the Trachten- u. Schützenzug, and our dancers and musicians in the Tradition Zelt on the Oide Wies’n. Many thanks to Michael Olk for the efforts of turning this idea into a reality. It was a momentous occasion for all that participated and for the history of our organization.


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