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2014 Gauverband Delegates Meeting #4

Attached you will find the reports of the officers and committees of the Gauverband Nordamerika relevant to our upcoming Delegates’ Meeting to be held May 3 & 4, 2014, in Newark, Delaware.

Guidelines for Bayerische Löwe Available

The first and second place winners of Gruppenpreisplatteln and first three place winners in each age category of Einzelpreisplatteln are eligible to attend the Bayerische Löwe competition in Bayern the year after their win at the Gaufest. For advice on what takes place at the Löwe, click on the guidelines link. To learn more about the Bayerische Löwe, click on the link below. The links are also available under "Resources/Dance/Preisplatteln" from the home page menu.

Workshops at 2014 Delegates Meeting

Here are the workshops that will be presented at the Meeting:

2014 Mittelwest Bezirksheimatfest in Omaha

The annual Mittelwest Bezirksheimatfest was held April 5, 2014 in Omaha, Nebraska.  This year it was hosted by Die Heimat Tänzer of Omaha. There were 307 people in attendance.  As always, the morning was scheduled for Jugend Einzelplatteln.  The winners are shown in the photo above. The afternoon is filled with workshops.  The evening was a wonderful mix of Ehrentänze, music, dancing and good food.  A wonderful time to visit with Trachtenfreunde from near and far.


Introducing "100 Jahre Trachtenvereine" Commemorative Pin

Edelweiss Chicago is the first Gauverband member Verein to turn 100 years old. To commemorate this milestone, Gauverband Nordamerika has designed a beautiful pin. Although Edelweiss Chicago is not specifically referenced, the Edelweiss flowers on the side and the Tracht worn both point back to the Verein.

Vereine Form West Bezirk

About a year ago, four Vereine in Califorina decided to explore the idea of forming a West Bezirk.  Since that time two more Vereine joined.  The decision was made to include Gauverband member Vereine as well as any organized Trachtenverein west of the Rocky Mountains.  As of today, the West Bezirk member Vereine are (from north to south) Enzian Schuhlattler, Seattle, WA; Alpentaenzer Schuhplattler, Sacramento, CA; BHTV Golden Gate, San Francisco, CA; Tiroler u. Bayern Zither Club, North Hollywood, CA; GTEV D'Oberlandler, Los Angeles, CA, and Die Gemuetlichen Schuhplattler, Anaheim, CA.


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