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Marie & Jerry Hugel Memorial Mass in München

The Hugel family and the Schlierachtaler Stamm will be celebrating the lives of Jerry and Marie Hugel. They invite you to join them at a memorial in München. The mass will take place on August 16, 2015, at noon in the Alter Peter Kirche. Hymns will be sung by the München Police Choir.  After the mass, everyone is invited to the Hofbräuhaus to continue the celebration of Jerry and Marie's lives. If you plan to go to the Hofbräuhaus, RSVP to Bob Hugel at

Judges Training Minutes & Schedule for Einzelpreisplatteln

Gauvorplattler Adam Schaefer has re-released the order of dance for Einzelpreisplatteln couples in the 16-60+ age groups. The files in the attached links can be viewed on line, printed, or downloaded.  Note that the order has not changed; however, additional information has been added. The EP file contains five pages – the first three are organized by age group and order of dance within each group, including dancers’ names, Verein, order of dance, and estimated time of performance.


Gaufest Workshops - What's in Store?

The schedule for the Gaufest is on the Gaufest host's website at this link: 25 Gaufest Milwaukee.  The content of the four workshops planned for Saturday afternoon are shown below.  Note: Two workshops are also planned in the Volksmusik Stube on Friday; these are shown on the Gaufest schedule as well as below.

Reporter from Bayerischer Rundfunk Coming to Gaufest

At the Einweihung in Holzhausen this spring, Gauvorstand Tom Vogt met German reporter Barbara Leidl of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. She’s doing a one-hour feature for the radio station Bayern 2 about Bavarian dance groups in North America. To get to know us better, Barbara is traveling from her home in the Washington, D.C., area to the Gaufest in Milwaukee. While there, she’d like to observe the many activities that we have during the weekend as well as interview and tape people.

Sources for Volksmusik & Volkslieder

At the 2014 Delegates Meeting, Gau-Musikwart Rick Michels distributed a list of links to sites to download notes for Volksmusik and Volkslieder. A great resource for musicians and singers!  You can find the link under the “Music” tab or click on this link: Where to find Volksmusik


Einzelpreisplatteln Deadline June 10

The deadline to register for Einzelpreisplatteln to be held at this year's Gaufest is June 10. Dancers must be registered through the on-line registration system set up by the host Verein, D'Oberlandler Milwaukee. The administrator for each Verein has the necessary access to complete this task. This deadline is set by the dance officers of the Gauverband to coincide with the upcoming judges training session this weekend. At that meeting, the dance order for the Einzelpreisplatteln couples will be determined.


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