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The Tracht section is about the ethnic costume that the member Vereine of the Gauverband wear. The “Tracht Guidelines” contains in-depth descriptions, history, and wearing practices of several of the Gebirgstrachten of Bavaria, including the traditional regional dress worn in the Miesbach, Werdenfels, Chiemgau, and Allgäu regions. The Lechgau and Oberer Lechgau are included and the regions of Tyrol and Berchtesgaden are touched on. 

Tänze - Dance

This section contains instructions, sheet music, and the history of several of the dances that have been taught at workshops held at Delegates Meetings and Gaufeste. Consult the dictionary of German-English words used to describe dance moves and positions, and visit the website of Gauverband I for instructions for 28 Volkstänze.  

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The Musik section includes several downloadable MP3 files including the Gauverband’s “Gauplattler,” which is a Schuhplattler unique to the Gauverband and done by all our member Vereine. MP3 files for the three Schuhplattler performed for Preisplatteln are available in two formats—Einzelpreisplatteln style and Gruppenpreisplatteln style. Consult the “links” section for sites that have sheet music and lyrics for hundreds of Volkslieder (folk songs); music for Blaskapellen (brass bands), and on-line radio programs that feature Volksmusik. The Gaumusikwart is available to answer questions about Volksmusik.


The Gauverband’s library or Bibliothek contains books, sheet music, and instructions for Volkstänze and Schuhplattler, sheet music, music and lyrics for Volksmusik and Volkslieder, CDs, videos/DVDs, and Preisplatteln scoresheets. Some of the library material is available to Gauverband member Vereine. An index of over 3000 items can be viewed and searched for by category; see procedure for ordering material. The Gaubibliothekar oversees the library and displays much of the material at Delegates Meetings and Gaufeste.

Fahnenträger Info

A handbook of the history and duties of a Fahnenträger.

Favorite Links

The Favorite Links section directs you to websites that feature all the elements that the Gauverband upholds: Tracht, dance, music, language, culture, and customs. Links to the Bayerischer Trachtenverband and its member Gauverbände, on-line radio broadcasts, and commercial retailers can also be found here. Suggest other links by sending an email to the Website Committee.


The Jugend section has many resources geared towards young people. Rules for Einzel(preis)platteln, however, are found under About Us/Bylaws.


The Workshop section contains links to presentations on diverse subjects (ones that don't fit neatly into the above categories), from Fingerhakln to Social Media to Cooking.

Gauverband YouTube Channel

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