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2022 Bayerischer Löwe Update -- Cancelled

The host of the 2022 Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln, Almrösl Schäftlarn, has recently met with the Loisachgau Vorstand to discuss the status of their Gaufest and BL Preisplatteln this year. They contacted us today to let us know they have reached the decision to stop plans for their Gaufest, and as a result the BL Preisplatteln will also not take place.  We will receive an official cancellation notice shortly.  They've shared this information with us first because they know we will need to deal with flight and hotel cancellations.


2022 Delegates Meeting -- Nominations Form to Download

It has come to our attention that the nominations form contained in Walter Kraft's email did not allow for downloading, saving, or editing. This Link takes you to a Word document that you can download, save as "yourname.doc" and edit to submit to the nominations committee.

2022 Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln Update

See cancellation post on Feb. 21, 2022.  Previous post: The host Verein of the 2022 BL Preisplatteln in Hohenschäftlarn contacted us at the end of December to update us on the status of their event. They have continued with plans for their Gaufest and the BL Preisplatteln, but they have recently needed to cancel events due to the new COVID variant and resulting restrictions. Bavaria is facing another year of potential COVID restrictions, and no one is sure what the outcome will be. They promised to keep us up to date as things evolve.

New Look for Trachtenverband's Heimat- und Trachtenbote

The Bayerischer Trachtenverband has published a newsletter for 89 years. Today's Heimat- und Trachtenbote is published twice a month, 16 pages each issue. Every one of the Gauverbände has its own Pressewart under the leadership of the Trachtenverband's Press Committee. For the last year, a committee has been working on a complete revamp of the newsletter to introduce in January 2022.

Gauzeitung Deadline: February 1

It's almost time for another Gauzeitung! Gosh, 3 months sure do fly by. Please send your articles and pictures to me by February 1 -- sooner if possible! Helps with planning the layout. Let others know what has been going on in your Verein, what's coming up, what weddings and other personal events have taken place. You know -- anything you want to hear about other Vereine is something others want to hear about your Verein. A few good pictures with newsy captions is sometimes just enough. Lots of new officers get elected about now, so a picture of that is always fun to see.

Generous Gift Presented to Trachtenkulturzentrum

The following is a translation of an article that was published recently in Bayern about a generous visitor to the Trachtenkulturzentrum in Holzhausen.

The Bayerischer Trachtenverband accepted a particularly valuable gift at its Trachtenkulturzentrum in Holzhausen. William Hetzler, a long time gallery owner in New York and the former president of the Steuben Parade in New York, gave a gift of 16 works of art from his collection. These were the works of the well-known Bavarian artists Rudolf L. Reiter and Nikolaus Hipp and the German graphic designer Julius Himpel.


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