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2020 Delegates Meeting -- Cancelled/Postponed

The Gauverband and Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler have been monitoring the situation with regard to the COVID-19 / Corona Virus Pandemic and unfortunat


Go to "About Us/Meetings" (or click on link) to see a chronological list of all the posts about the Delegates Meeting.  Because so many posts will be made over the next few months, this should help to pull them together in one place.  LINK TO ALL POSTINGS BY DATE

Bayerischer Löwe 2020 Update

The Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln for this year has not yet been cancelled.  The Gauvorplattler of the hosting Gau has been in contact with all the participating Gaue to check when current Gauverband Preisplatteln competitions were.  Some Gaue have already completed them and have competitors identified for this year, but some (like Isargau) have needed to cancel theirs.  It may be that many of the participating Gaue will not have any eligible competitors.  The decision to cancel has not yet been made and it is being discussed with the broader Gauvorplattler group.  We will post an update a

Gauzeitung Issues 1985 - 2017 are on Website

Wilhelm Banzhaf first proposed a Gauverband Nordamerika newsletter in 1985, publishing a pilot issue to gauge the interest within Gau-NA.  At the 1986 Delegates Meeting, the proposal for the "Gauzeitung" was unanimously approved. That meeting was held in Buffalo, NY, where we also celebrated the 20th anniverary of Gau-NA.  Volume 1, Issue 1 went to press in September 1986. The front page news was the Fahnenweihe of Alpenrösl St. Catharines. Today we are on Volume 32.  Willi was editor of the "Gauzeitung" from 1986 through 2008; Karin Dean-Kraft has been Pressewart since then.

2020 Delegates Meeting & COVID-19


The 1.Gauvorstand, the Meetings Committee, and the members of Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler continue to closely monitor the outbreak of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.  Since we do not want to endanger the health and safety of our members, our continued monitoring of changing conditions will help us to provide guidance for attending the meeting.  We will be releasing an official statement regarding the meeting before the end of this month.

2020 June 13-14: Long Island Bavarian Festival

SVV Original Enzian cordially invites you to join them at their 46


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