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Good Info from our Fahnenträger - version 2

Klaus Vikari, Gauverband Fahnenträger, has written the following that is especially important to those Fahnenträger who will be going to the Münchener Oktoberfest.  Updated August 24 with info about Fahnenbegleiter.

We are now on the countdown to Munich Oktoberfest and the Trachtenzug on Sunday, September 18!

I would like to go over a few reminders for all Fahnentraeger as to the proper appearance and items that are to be worn.  Hutschnurr, Joppe, Sash(either Weiss u. Blau oder Weiss u. Grun,) Belts and Straps are to be worn UNDER the Joppe. NO GLOVES, these are not part of the Tracht.  This should be the same set up for the Fahnentraeger and their Begleiter.  Since this is a long parade, and your “guards” may be helping to carry at times, please make sure they have their straps on beforehand so a smooth switch can be made. Kindly, no women as Begleiter.(Please refer to Article 4 in the Fahnentraeger Handbook that is in the Gauverband Website) 

You still have some time to take a look at the sashes to see if they need to be cleaned or repaired. Velvet Sashes should be taken to the dry cleaners for pressing and cleaning. Nylon/Synthetic can be HANDWASHED and hung to dry.  

All Fahnentrager should have their Begleiter for the parade.  I know that there are a couple of Vereine that only have the Fahnentrager and no other men.  I am advising you all to ask 2 men from another Verein to walk with you to give you a break carrying along the parade route.  Once you have that set please email me so that I can let Karin Dean Kraft know for the line up.

Please make sure your Fahne is in good condition, proper case to travel, spitz is protected in the case, BOTH poles are packed and ready. Check the connections on the poles and make sure that they are tight and not in jeopardy of separating or stripping when putting the poles together. 

BE PROUD TO BE THE FAHNENTRAEGER! This is an extremely important job and a great honor to carry your Verein Fahne!

If anyone has a question or concern, please feel free to email me and I will answer any and all questions! 

Mit einen Fahnengruess! 

M. Klaus Vikari, Gauverband NordAmerika Fahnenträger, 

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