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Flowers for Munich Oktoberfest

If your Verein is going to the Oktoberfest in Munich, don't forget to order your fresh flowers! Check out the area near your hotel and make sure you'll be able to get flowers in the quantity and colors you need. An alternative: Our friend Vroni Bellinger from Trachten Poellmann has arranged with a flower shop near the business to take orders for flowers. YOU MUST DO THIS DIRECTLY WITH THE FLOWER SHOP (not through Trachten Poellmann).

2022 Gaufest Survey -- Please Participate

Gauschriftführerin Janet Malofiy recently sent this out to all the Vereine via email:  You are invited to go to the following link to complete the 28. Gaufest survey.  All those who attended are encouraged to participate so feel free to share.   


München Oktoberfest Information

Under Events you'll find a summary of all the posts and info so that you can have "one stop shopping."  

Post-Oktoberfest Fun in Bayern -- You're Invited!

For those of you going to the Oktoberfest in München:  

Room Reservations for 2023 Gaufest Now Open!

The 29. Gaufest will take place July 13-16, 2023, hosted by STV Bavaria Cleveland. Room reservations at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, are now open as of August 1! Emails and letters were sent out to all the Vereine. You can make reservations at the Reservation link:  You can also call the hotel directly at 1-877-525-2427 and let them know you're with the 29. Gaufest.  

Volkstänze Taught at Gaufest Available Online

Aug. 4 Update:  Links to videos are now included under the Dance tab on the Gauverband website.           At the 2022 Gaufest, Donald LaCourse of SG Edelweiss St. Paul, taught a workshop consisting of three Volkstänze. The workshop was based on the dances choreographed by Ingeborg Heinrichsen. She developed more than 40 dances to old and new folk music pieces.


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