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München Oktoberfest Information

As more detailed information becomes available about the Oktoberfest, it will be posted here. Under Events you'll find a summary of all the posts and info so that you can have "one stop shopping."  The "What to Wear and Expect" presentation has been updated vs. what was published in 2014. Quite a bit of new info, so it's worth another look. Please be sure all your participants are familiar with these expectations. 

Coming soon:  Emails from Michael Olk and Tom Vogt. One of the important things Michael will be asking is what Tracht each club wears and how many men, women, and children will be walking in the parade. This is needed for Karin Dean-Kraft to prepare the parade line-up. She needs to know: Ladies -- with or without Spenser (sleeves); linen or silk; silk color; skirt color; do ladies wear a hat with gold trim.  Men -- color of Joppe; Feather (vertical or horizontal) or Gamsbart.

Rick Michels and Rudy Leschke will be coordinating music and Ehrentänze.  Michael is putting the list together based on what you have provided to him. Rick & Rudy need to know -- do you need a musician; what is the dance you will be doing. If you have questions, please ask soon!

For those of your members who are not walking in the parade, there are 10 reviewing stands along the route to sit and watch the parade. It costs 35 Euros for a ticket. Go to to buy tickets. There is info there about stand locations and a link to the ticket office to buy online. The ticket site is in German only.

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