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Delegates Meeting Registration Deadline: April 18

Urgent Reminder to Vereine.  Deadline for registration and assignment of delegates for the 2022 Virtual Delegates Meeting is Monday, April 18th.  Vorstände and Secretaries please look in your email for a communication from Robert Hugel with details on how to register.  If you have questions or did not receive the email, please contact Robert Hugel.

2022 Delegates Meeting: Nominations Committee Update

As of March 16/Updated March 23: THIS LINK takes you to a pdf file with all applications for offices that have been received thus far. The file may be viewed, downloaded, or printed.

Important Update from the Meetings Committee

NEW AS OF MARCH 18: The Gauverband Meetings Committee continues to work with “Gaufest Consultant” Nick VanderKamp from Helms Briscoe to identify locations and facilities that could be conducive to hosting a future Gaufest.  Nick provides his services at no cost to the Gauverband or the interested Verein.  Nick reached out to Helm Brisco partners around the country to see what locations would be suitable to host a Gaufest and to provide preliminary pricing and availability based upon our requirements for a Gaufest in 2025.

2022 Bayerischer Löwe Update -- Cancelled

The host of the 2022 Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln, Almrösl Schäftlarn, has recently met with the Loisachgau Vorstand to discuss the status of their Gaufest and BL Preisplatteln this year. They contacted us today to let us know they have reached the decision to stop plans for their Gaufest, and as a result the BL Preisplatteln will also not take place.  We will receive an official cancellation notice shortly.  They've shared this information with us first because they know we will need to deal with flight and hotel cancellations.


2022 Delegates Meeting -- Nominations Form to Download

It has come to our attention that the nominations form contained in Walter Kraft's email did not allow for downloading, saving, or editing. This Link takes you to a Word document that you can download, save as "yourname.doc" and edit to submit to the nominations committee.

2022 Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln Update

See cancellation post on Feb. 21, 2022.  Previous post: The host Verein of the 2022 BL Preisplatteln in Hohenschäftlarn contacted us at the end of December to update us on the status of their event. They have continued with plans for their Gaufest and the BL Preisplatteln, but they have recently needed to cancel events due to the new COVID variant and resulting restrictions. Bavaria is facing another year of potential COVID restrictions, and no one is sure what the outcome will be. They promised to keep us up to date as things evolve.


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