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Jugendeinzelplatteln at 25. Gaufest

From our Gaujugendvertreterin, Heidi von Recklinghausen:

The 25. Gaufest lent itself to a host of renewing friendships, making new friendships, and of course memories. Memories of the Einzelpreisplattln, Gruppenpreisplattln, top notch workshops, Kinder Zimmer, and the Volksmusik Zimmer are etched in our minds and the many photos that were taken over the weekend.  The Jugend Einzelplattln and Jugend Einzelpreisplattln - PRICELESS!

Forty one Jugend participated in either the Jugend Einzelplattln or Jugend Einzelpreisplattln. There were even a couple of dancers that “graduated” from the Jugend Einzel and still danced so that those that wanted to participate had a partner. Some of the boys danced 3 times!   Each of our youth danced their hearts out. There was one couple that brought the whole room to tears and on their feet. It was a dance of determination and pride. I was told one of the members of my Verein said, “This is what the Gaufest is all about.”  He couldn’t have been more right.    

I’d like to thank the judges for the Jugend.   They worked very hard these past few months preparing for Gaufest. 

2015 Jugend Einzelpreisplattln Judges


  • Alyssa Schultz, Enzian Volkstanzgruppe, Newark, DE                                                                               
  • Renee La Course,   SG Edelweiss, St. Paul                                                                                           
  • Jennifer Moak, BHTV Golden Gate, San Francisco                                                                                                 


  • Erik Hugel, GTEV Schlierachtaler Staqmm, Franklin Square, NY
  • Donald LaCourse, SG Edelweiss, St. Paul
  • Fritz Sheffler, BHTV Golden Gate, San Francisco


Jugend Einzelplattln Judges


  • Jutta Hugel, GTEV Schlierachtaler Stamm, Franklin Square, NY                                          
  • Christine Olk, STV Bavaria, Cleveland                 
  • Ranelle Resch, Tiroler und Bayern Zither Club, Hollywood, CA                          


  • Michael Wolz, Edelweiss Passaic
  • Steve Dozsak, TEV Edelweiss Denver
  • Tom Volland, GTEV D'Oberlandler, Los Angeles

Thank you to all of you who work with our kids. They are the future of your Verein and Gauverband Nordamerika!    

The unsung heroes of the Gaufest are our musicians!  Thank you to all of you!  You bring out the best in all of us who love to dance!

Heidi von Recklinghausen, Gaujugendvertreterin

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