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We're Invited! Lechgaufest 2016 in Steingaden, Allgäu

The invitation has arrived! “Almfrieden” Steingaden is the host of the 2016 Lechgaufest to be held in Steingaden in the Allgäu next year. Gauverband Nordamerika is invited to participate in the Gaufest on the weekend of July 15-17 and in the Bayerischer Löwe the following weekend, July 23.

Paul Ulrich Sr. Scholarship Program

The Gauverband Nordamerika has established the Paul Ulrich Sr. Scholarship Program at the request of and support by the Ulrich Family and other contributions to provide financial assistance through annual scholarships to university, college, trade school, or independent study to students involved in the promotion of Bavarian and Tyrolean cultural heritage.  If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please review the eligibility guidelines on the linked document and if eligible complete and submit the Application Form before the deadline of December 15, 2015.

Paschen Workshop - Fun for All!

At the 2015 Gaufest held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Eric Ray, a member of SG Edelweiss, St. Paul, Minnesota, held a workshop to teach the old custom of Paschen (clapping) to music. Not as easy as it sounds, given that several different rhythms are clapped by numerous people. But the fun and resulting great sound are worth the effort! Thank you, Eric, for an enlightening and fun workshop! The handout gives links to numerous resources including videos and sheet music.Click on the link to view on-line or download.

"God Bless Bavaria" - Bayern 2 Radio Report about Gau-NA

Bayerischer Rundfunk radio reporter Barbara Leidl did a wonderful job of putting together a report about Bavarians in North America. She spent time with the Alt Washingtonia Verein in Washington, D.C., and also attended our Gaufest in Milwaukee.  While in Milwaukee, she captured the atmosphere of our Gaufest as well as the love we all have of Bavarian traditions and Tracht. There are interviews with many N.A.

Wirtshauslieder Workshop at Gaufest

At the 2015 Gaufest, Adam Levine from SV Alt Washingtonia taught a workshop on Wirtshauslieder.  Those who attended had a great time learning three different songs that are often sung among Trachtler and in the taverns and pubs in Bayern.  Vergelt’s Gott, Adam, for sharing your talents and enthusiasm!  Lyrics, music, and alternate lyrics to those taught are included at the following link: 2015 Gaufest Workshop Wirtshauslieder

2015 Gaufest Gruppen & Einzelplatteln Results

104 couples and 20 groups competed at the 2015 Gaufest -- such a great showing.  Congratulations to all who took part and put so many long hours into practicing.  Kudos, also, to the judges: Thank you for preparing so thoroughly and for the many hours of concentration needed to judge!   Full results are available at this link (view on-line or download): 2015 Gaufest Gruppen and Einzel Results

Congratulations to Gruppenpreisplatteln winners:


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