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2022 Preisplatteln News

The following information was sent out recently to the member Vereine via email by our Gauschriftführerin, Janet Malofiy. The schedule will be updated as available.

Several Einzelpreisplatteln registration errors were identified after the release of our preliminary dance order and competition circle schedules.  Thank you to the Vereine bringing these to our attention.  Please see a revised dance order list and circle schedule with correction of these errors.

Dance order was determined by random number assignment for each age group.  Adjustments were only made where the following occurred:

  1. If a competitor appeared multiple times in the dance circle for their age group, the positions of their first and second appearance were swapped to ensure that they competed at their first appearance.
  2. If there was a musician conflict between circles, the dance position in circle 2 was dropped two positions to allow time for the musician to move between circles.

Jugendeinzelpreisplatteln registration has not yet been completed.  A final version including Jugend will be published 30 days prior to the Gaufest.  If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact Rudy Leschke.

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