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Bayerischer Löwe July 21-24, 2016, Steingaden

Gauverband Nordamerika Participation at the Preisplatteln um den Bayerischen Löwen

This is the second of two posts/articles I am writing regarding Gauverband Nordamerika's trip to Steingaden this summer. The Preisplatteln um den Bayerischen Löwen is being hosted by the Lechgau Verein "Almfrieden" Steingaden the weekend AFTER the Lechgau Trachtenfest. Here's a summary of what to expect for this second weekend.

2017 Gaufest-Buffalo Hotel Reservation Line Open!

SGTV Edelweiss Buffalo, our host for the 2017 Gaufest, is pleased to announce that hotel reservations are open! Please go to (also accessible from the "countdown" clock on the right) and select the "Gaufest" menu item on the far right tab. That will take you to our main Gaufest website. On that site select the "Hotels" tab and you will see the hotel reservation information. There is a link that you can use to reserve your rooms or you can call the hotels directly.

Lechgaufest July 15-17, 2016, in Steingaden

Gauverband Nordamerika Participation in the 2016 Lechgau Trachtenfest, July 15-17, 2016, in Steingaden

Museum der Bayerischen Geschichte

The new "Museum der Bayerischen Geschichte" in Regensburg is looking for original clothing (Lederhose, Janker, Jacket, Hut, Dirndl, Mieder, etc) to document the 19th century history of migration from Bavaria to the U.S. The clothing would be displayed in the new museum.  It is not clear whether this would be a loan or a donation. 

For more information contact Dr. Margaretha Schweiger-Wilhelm

Or Gaubeisitzer Bob Hugel  

Gau-NA "Family Tree" Project

Gau-Beisitzer Christine Ott and Fritz Sheffler and I are undertaking a project that involves all the Gau-Vereine!  We're calling it the "Family Tree Project."  We want to find out who your Patenverein is and who your Paten-"Kinder" are.

Print your own Map of Gau-NA!

A map hangs in our Gauverband Nordamerika room in Holzhausen that shows the location of every Gau-NA Verein as of the Holzhausen Einweihung (Grand Opening) May 2015. You may have read the story in the last issue of the Gauzeitung, so you already know that our Bavarian friend Sepp Kaindl suggested the map and Tom Vogt followed up on it. Tom asked Golden Gate San Francisco's Fritz Sheffler, a graphic artist, to come up with a beautiful design -- and Fritz certainly did that!


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