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Gauverband Fahne's Interview

Our beautiful Gauverband Nordamerika Fahne was interviewed about how it felt to be back in Bayern for the first time in 40 years. The interview appeared in the June 15, 2012, issue of the Heimat- und Trachtenbote (see link below). The flag, which still speaks Bayrisch, was thrilled to breathe Bavarian air, walk through the streets of Gauting to much applause, lead the delegation of North Americans in the Festzug, and stand next to the stage while our Trachtler and Trachtlerinnen performed an Ehrentanz. Who knew that the flag would be so proud of its momentous trip? But skillful interviewers always get great results! Many thanks to Hans Menzinger and Anita Knoll (who happen to belong to Gauverband Nordamerika as well as to the Isargau & Huosigau) for the revealing interview.  Fahne Interview

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