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2020 Bayerischer Löwe & Heimatfest in Diessen

Updated April 16, 2020: These events have been cancelled due to the mandates of the German government that no large gatherings may be held through August 31, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


First posted 11/20/2019:

2020 is coming up sooner than we think.  With it comes the Bayerischer Löwe (June 13) to which this year's Gau-NA top dancers will be invited to participate.  The day after that is the Trachtenfest (June 14) that will celebrate many Vereine in the Diessen area, including d'Ammertaler Diessen's 100. Jubiläum.  Gau-NA's Ehrenmitglied, Sepp Kaindl, is a member.  D'Ammertaler are hosting the events for the five days along the shore of the beautiful Ammersee.  See the Festprogramm below for more details about all the events that are happening between June 10 and June 14. June 11 is a holiday, so only restaurants and Biergartens will be open. For info -- if you have reserved a spot to go to the Passion Play, that date is Thursday, June 18.

Accommodations:  Gasthof Seefelder Hof or Strandhotel are both close to the Festplatz.  Hotel Drei Rosen is a 15-minute walk down a hill to the lake.  Hint -- When you do your internet search to find accommodations, look at a map of Diessen and look for something close to the Seefelder or Strandhotel.  Another reference point is the Bahnhof -- it's less than 10 minutes from the Festplatz.  There are plenty of B&B-type accommodations as well.

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