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New Info about Tracht from Trachtenkulturzentrum

Wolfgang Gensberger has generously shared four presentations that the Trachtenkulturzentum in Holzhausen has published. Three are about Tracht, the fourth is an informational handout about the Förderverein. Links to each are shown below. All presentations are in German and have numerous great photos that help tell the story. The presentations can also be accessed under "Resources/Tracht" and "Resources/Holzhausen" from the top menu.

Ehrenmitglied Sepp Kaindl & Bavarian Press

Gau-NA's Ehrenmitglied Sepp Kaindl has had a lot of press in Bavaria--and so have we! The articles written by Beate Bentele have been excellent. There are now five of them and they are all combined in one pdf.  Sepp also did two radio interviews which are in separate links.  Take a look and listen to all!  The upcoming September issue of the Gauzeitung has more photos and an article in it about Sepp.

Tracht Survey Part 2 -- Please Participate

Thank you for responding to the 26. Gaufest and Jugend surveys. Much important information was received and sent to the respective persons in the Gauverband Nordamerika for them to continually improve Gaufeste and Jugend activities. Your efforts are appreciated.

Another Article in the Bavarian Press about Sepp Kaindl

Here's another article by Beate Bentele in the Bavarian press about our Ehrenmitglied Sepp Kaindl. We're proud of our Trachtenkamerad Sepp and of the excellent press he and Gau-NA are getting in Bavaria.  Click here for the article.

2017 Sept. 30: Edelweiss Detroit Will Welcome Bavarian Brass Band

GTEV Edelweiss Detroit would love to welcome you to its "Beer, Brats & Brass" event on Saturday, Sept. 30. The award-winning Musikkapelle Rottenbuch, straight from Bavaria, will be the featured music for the night. To say the 40 musicians are terrific is an understatement. Here's a link to information about tickets and hotels if you'll be staying for the night.

2018 Gau-NA Delegates Meeting in Omaha NE

The following from Michael Olk of the Heimat Tänzer, Omaha, NE:  It is our pleasure to announce that the 2018 Delegates Meeting will be hosted by the Heimat Tänzer of Omaha, Nebraska. The Delegates Meeting will take place on the 27th -29th of April, 2018. The meeting will take place at the German-American Society Inc. in Omaha, Nebraska, which is a little over 1 mile from the hotel where everyone will be staying.


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