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Museum der Bayerischen Geschichte

The new "Museum der Bayerischen Geschichte" in Regensburg is looking for original clothing (Lederhose, Janker, Jacket, Hut, Dirndl, Mieder, etc) to document the 19th century history of migration from Bavaria to the U.S. The clothing would be displayed in the new museum.  It is not clear whether this would be a loan or a donation. 

For more information contact Dr. Margaretha Schweiger-Wilhelm

Or Gaubeisitzer Bob Hugel  

Gau-NA "Family Tree" Project

Gau-Beisitzer Christine Ott and Fritz Sheffler and I are undertaking a project that involves all the Gau-Vereine!  We're calling it the "Family Tree Project."  We want to find out who your Patenverein is and who your Paten-"Kinder" are.

Print your own Map of Gau-NA!

A map hangs in our Gauverband Nordamerika room in Holzhausen that shows the location of every Gau-NA Verein as of the Holzhausen Einweihung (Grand Opening) May 2015. You may have read the story in the last issue of the Gauzeitung, so you already know that our Bavarian friend Sepp Kaindl suggested the map and Tom Vogt followed up on it.

Delegates Meeting Results in a Nutshell (5/3 added Video)

Many thanks to the members of SG Edelweiss, St.Paul, Minnesota, for doing a great job hosting the 25th Delegates Meeting. Here are the big decisions that came out of the meeting. The Gauzeitung will have more detailed stories and lots of photos of the weekend.

Welcome to our newest Gauverband member Verein, AVC Edelweiss Dancers of Richmond (near Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada! Their representatives, Brenda and Tony, wore their stunning Tyrolean Tracht.

2016 Delegates Meeting - Agendas, Schedule 4/22 update

The link below takes you to a document containing the following five items for the 2016 Delegates Meeting on April 30-May 1, 2016, in St. Paul, Minnesota:

2016 Lechgaufest & Bayerischer Löwe

Gauverband Nordamerika is planning to attend the Lechgau Trachtenfest and Wertungsplatteln um den Bayerischen Löwen, to be held in Steingaden, Bavaria, from July 15 through July 24, 2016. The event spans two weekends. The Lechgau Trachtenfest and Fahnenweihe begins with a Bayerischer Abend on Friday, July 15, followed by a concert, Festzug and Gauheimatabend on Saturday evening, July 16. The Trachtenfest is all day Sunday, July 17. We should register as a group when we arrive at the Fest on Sunday afternoon. Fest tickets (ribbons) will cost 2.50 Euro per person.


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