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Jugend Einzelplatteln Line-up for Gaufest Announced

The line-up for Jugend Einzelplatteln & Einzelpreisplatteln is now available at this link.  You can view, download, or print.  Contact Diane Meck with any changes or corrections.  The list will be reissued before the Gaufest with any changes.  Looking forward to seeing all our young people dance at the Gaufest!

Gau-Archivar Announces Plans for Exhibit at Gaufest

Take a look at the plans I have for the archive display at the Gaufest!  Click on "Read More" below.  Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Grosser Gauheimatabend mit Boarischem Tanz

A popular event at every Gaufest!  Come and enjoy music and dance and Kameradschaft!

The Gauheimatabend mit Boarischem Tanz begins at 8 pm Friday, June 30, in the Ballroom of the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Here's what it's all about:

26. Gaufest: Exciting Music Workshops Planned

The Volksmusik Stube has become a popular place to gather at any hour of the day or night at Gaufeste. The room is open starting at 6 pm Thursday night until the weekend is over. Musicians, singers, dancers, and music lovers can be found there at any time. Go there to learn a dance, share some Volksmusik, or enjoy the Gemütlichkeit. This year the room will have a few scheduled events, but the rest of the time is unstructured. The Gaukapelle will have a rehearsal on Friday.

Remembering Carolyn Marquardt - update 5/27

The Gauverband Nordamerika is deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Carolyn Marquardt, Ehrengaubeisitzer, on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Carolyn was first appointed to the position of Gaubeisitzer in 1996 by 1. Gauvorstand, Walter Wieand. She was re-elected to the Gauausschuss in that capacity until 2016. She also held the position of Gau-Webmaster during her tenure on the Board. She was named an Ehrengaubeisitzer at the 2017 Executive Board Meeting.

Gaufest in 2021 -- How About on the West Coast?

Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler of Anaheim, California, are beginning to investigate being the host for the 28. Gaufest in 2021! To that end, they’d like feedback from INDIVIDUAL Verein members as well as the Vereine themselves to gauge interest in three possible locations: Anaheim, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Open to any individual who typically attends a Gaufest, the survey is totally anonymous and asks only your personal site preference and what state/province you live in. You’re also able to leave a comment.


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