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2016 Lechgaufest & Bayerischer Löwe

Gauverband Nordamerika is planning to attend the Lechgau Trachtenfest and Wertungsplatteln um den Bayerischen Löwen, to be held in Steingaden, Bavaria, from July 15 through July 24, 2016. The event spans two weekends. The Lechgau Trachtenfest and Fahnenweihe begins with a Bayerischer Abend on Friday, July 15, followed by a concert, Festzug and Gauheimatabend on Saturday evening, July 16. The Trachtenfest is all day Sunday, July 17. We should register as a group when we arrive at the Fest on Sunday afternoon. Fest tickets (ribbons) will cost 2.50 Euro per person.

2016 June 11-12: Long Island Bavarian Fest

Original Enzian of NY is hosting the 42nd Long Island Bavarian Fest at the Plattduetscher Park on June 11-12, 2016. Live music, Bavarian folk dancing, German food, and plenty of fun for all ages. Take a look at the flyer for more details.

Gau-Library's New Resource Site

A resource site is now available to buy/download a variety of research, dance, and music items. The link is available from the Resources/Library link or click Go Browsing Now to take a look. The website will be updated regularly, so visit often! 

Measuring Women & Men for Tracht

At the 2015 Gaufest, Vroni Menzinger from Trachten Pöllmann showed how to measure women and men to get the best fitting Tracht. The link takes you to four pages that explain the measurements that need to be taken and how to take them. Descriptions are provided in both German and English. The information is also on our website under "Resources/Tracht." Take a look or download the pages for future reference.   Measuring Women and Men for Tracht.

Tracht Presentation by Hans Habereder Online

At the 2015 Gaufest in Milwaukee, Hans Habereder from Gemütlichen Schuhplattler of Anaheim presented an in-depth workshop on the history and evolution of men's Tracht in Bavaria. The presentation -- all 65 slides -- is now available to view online or download. It can be found under Resources/ Tracht on the website or by clicking on this link. Vergelt's Gott, Hans, for a terrific job!

Delegates Meeting 2016 -- Information Updated 3/20/2016

The information for the 25. Delegiertenversammlung has been emailed to the email list we have received from the Gauschriftführer. The dates are April 29 - May 1, 2016 in St. Paul, Minnesota, hosted by SG Edelweiss St. Paul. The meetings are being held as normal, taking place on Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1, with a dance party Saturday night in honor of the Gauverband's 50th Anniversary. At this time, the registration fee will be $125 each. As we finalize our plans and costs, we hope to lower this amount.


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