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Design Contest!

North America is celebrating 100 years of Trachtenvereine in 2014, and we will be commemorating this epic milestone with a custom designed pin to be available at the next Delegates Meeting.

Get your creative juices flowing and submit several designs for consideration. Remember this will be a custom die struck metal pin possibly with color fill; highly intricate designs and half tones may not produce well.

The contest will start October  1 and end on December 31, 2012, with a final decision at the next Ausschussversammlung (March 2013).

Submissions may be emailed to or mailed to 1755 South Allison Street, Unit B, Lakewood, CO 80232, USA.

The prize for the selected design will be the first two minted pins.

Thank you,

100th Anniversary Pin Committee

Michael Rase, Gaubibliothekar

Paul Ulrich, Gaubeisitzer

John Schaefer, Gaubeisitzer


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