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August 2020 Gauzeitung Now Online

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic that has brought our Vereine to a virtual standstill, mailing the Gauzeitung for distribution by the Vereine still isn't practical. But reading the Gauzeitung online is a great alternative!  Read the Gauzeitung at THIS LINK.  It's 20 pages of articles about Tracht (hats & knives), Brauchtum (making Obatzda... yum!), Jugend (new book available), Tanz (Volkstanz Komm Tanz mit Mir), the 2022 Munich Oktoberfest, Holzhausen News, 3 1/2 pages of graduates!!, lots of babies, and much more.  Lots of great photos.  Pass the news along to your friends so they know the Gauzeitung is online.  PS -- If you looked at this issue between 1-5 pm ET on date posted, you missed an article!  Take another look, please.  You'll enjoy the article about building a Buechel (and you'll find out what it is!).

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