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Zwiefacher Workshop Handout Available

Juergen Friese of D’Miesbacher Oimtaler Denver taught a workshop at the Mittelwest Bezirksheimatfest in Omaha in 2014. He taught us 8 different dances with  varying levels of difficulty. The rhythm patterns can be tricky to figure out but therein lies the fun!  The handout that Juergen prepared has a history of the dance, how the dance is performed, lyrics to the songs, pattern of the music, and musical notes. There are also website links to many of the songs so that you can hear them or see them danced. Thank you, Juergen, for a really wonderful workshop and a well done handout!  The handout can be found at the link below and is also being added to the Resources/Dance/Dance Instructions section of the website.  Zwiefacher Workshop JFriese 2014

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