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2018 Delegates Meeting: Some Last Info/Changes

Three updates (Walter Kraft, Nominations Committee, Host Verein) -- all of the information is also updated on the About Us/Meetings page.

From Walter Kraft, Gauschriftführer:

  • The schedule for the Delegates Meeting has been updated to include room assignments for the various meetings.  Page 3 of the 76-page Schedule/Agenda can be printed and swapped out if you have already printed the deck.
  • Don't forget to bring your Verein's information for the Trachtenkalender.
  • Gauausschuss: On Friday morning, shuttle service from the hotel to the meeting location will begin at 7 am. Breakfast will be served from 7:45 am to 8:30 am. The Executive Board Meeting will start at 8:30 am.

From the Nominations Committee:

  • Please review the current slate of candidates for the Gauausschuss.  A nomination form for Gaukassier has been added (pages 29-30 in case you have already printed out the deck).
  • We do not have a candidate for the office of Gaubibliothekar. For your reference, see the description of the duties for this position as it is described in the Gauverband Bylaws: Gaubibliothekar (Librarian): Shall compile and maintain educational material such as sheet music materials and instructions for original Schuhplattler and Volkstänze (folk dances), descriptions of authentic Gebirgstrachten, and materials on folklore, customs, and traditions. Shall maintain the Gauverband's "Trachtenbuch" (book with photos of every member society).
  • Nominations forms will be accepted up to and including Sunday morning at the Delegates Meeting. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted as usual Sunday morning during the elections. The forms will be displayed at the Meeting for the delegates to review throughout the weekend.  Quesions about the new nomination form may be emailed to us at  We hope that you will find this new process exciting and informative!

           Nominations Committee: Erik Schwarze (Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler, Anaheim), Cindy Regenfuss (SVEV D'Oberlandler, Milwaukee), Robert Eppinger (GTV Almrausch, Philadelphia), Chairman

From Heimat Tänzer:

  • Just some friendly reminders for the Delegates Meeting in Omaha. On Friday, April 27, we will have shuttles start taking people from the hotel to the German-American Society starting at 6:30 pm. Remember we will be feeding everyone on Friday. There is no charge for the meal but there is a cash bar that night. If you were not able to get a room at the Best Western Hotel for the weekend, please let me know immediately so we can make arrangements for transportation. Those not at the Best Western, please send me an email or call: Michael Olk, 402.578.8023,
  • For those of you that requested transportation from the airport to the hotel, David Hollrah is our person who is in charge of transportation for the weekend. He will be contacting you as far as where he will be picking you up and when. You can also contact him as soon as you arrive to give him a heads up or before you even leave to set up a time. You can contact David anytime at: 402.679.1129 or



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