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Loisachtaler Gauverband Turns 100!

In 1919 two new Gauverbände were formed, bringing to a total of 10 in Bayern in the 30 years since the first Gauverband was formed (Gau I in 1890).  This weekend (June 28-30) the Loisachtaler Gauverband will celebrate its 100. Jubiläum with host Verein D'Wendlstoana Thanning, which is also turning 100!  The city of Thanning itself will be celebrating its 1250th anniversary!  The Festzug on Sunday with its thousands of participants will be held after the Festgottesdienst.

2020 Bayerischer Löwe & Heimatfest in Diessen

2020 is coming up sooner than we think.  With it comes the Bayerischer Löwe (June 13) to which this year's Gau-NA top dancers will be invited to participate.  The day after that is the Trachtenfest (June 14) that will celebrate many Vereine in the Diessen area, including d'Ammertaler Diessen's 100.

Isargau Gauverband Celebrating 100 Years

The Isargau Gauverband was founded in 1919 in München and is the 10th oldest Gauverband in the Bayerischer Trachtenverband.  This upcoming weekend (June 22-23) the Isargau Gaufest will be held in Ismaning near München.  The host Verein, Trachtenverein Ismaning Stamm, will be celebrating its 110. Jubiläum.  The Isargau is expecting 60 Vereine and 3,000 Trachtler and Trachtlerinnen to take part in the Sunday Festzug.  Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Remembering Otto Dufter

I received sad news from Bavaria that Otto Dufter passed away on the morning of June 13, 2019. Otto was a good friend to Gauverband Nordamerika and will be sorely missed. He did much to strengthen the ties between our organization and the Bayerischer Trachtenverband and visited us in North America at a few of our Gaufeste with his wife Hilde.

Workshop Schedule for Gaufest

The Gaufest weekend has much to offer, including workshops for fun and education.  Yes, some are scheduled at the same time as other activities, but each workshop will be videotaped. The videos and some written presentations will be available on the Gauverband website after the Gaufest. Enjoy!



Tracht for Competition - Clarification

The report from our May Gaupreisrichter training included the following statement regarding Tracht for competition (click for announcement & minutes):


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