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Gauverband Announcement

Gauverband Announcement

Delegates approve donation to Holzhausen

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Gau Delegates' Meeting May 3-4, 2008

submitted 5May2008 Gauverband Nordamerika Officers 2008-2009.

1. Gauvorstand Tom Vogt, 2. Gauvorstand Ken Ott, Gauschriftführer Walter Kraft, Gaukassier John Blank, 1. Gauvorplattler Mark LaCourse, 2. Gauvorplattler Richard Nairne, Gauvortänzerin Cindy Hartz, Gaujugendvertreterin Heidi von Recklinghausen, Gauarchivar Michael Olk, Gaumusikwart Rick Michels, Gaubibliotekarin Karin Dean-Kraft. Gaurevisoren: Bob Hugel, Erech Morrison, Joe Hubner, Paul Stanovage. Gaubeisitzer: Renee LaCourse, Carolyn Marquardt, John Schaefer, Paul Ulrich.

Ever thought you’d like to be a Gau Richter?

Submitted 23Apr2007 By Mark La Course
Grüß Gott,
Ever thought you'd like to be a Gau Richter? Has someone in your Verein told you that you'd be a good judge? We are looking for a few good people to potentially become Gaurichter for Gauverband Nordamerika.If you are interested, please contact Walter Kraft-Gauschriftführer to receive an application form. Fill it out completely and submit it to the Gauausschuß for review. If accepted, you will be informed by one of the Gau dance officers.

2008 Mid Atlantic Jugend Einzelplatteln



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