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Gauverband Announcement

Gauverband Announcement


Tracht for Competition - Clarification

The report from our May Gaupreisrichter training included the following statement regarding Tracht for competition (click for announcement & minutes):

Remembering Otto Dufter

I received sad news from Bavaria that Otto Dufter passed away on the morning of June 13, 2019. Otto was a good friend to Gauverband Nordamerika and will be sorely missed. He did much to strengthen the ties between our organization and the Bayerischer Trachtenverband and visited us in North America at a few of our Gaufeste with his wife Hilde.

Workshop Schedule for Gaufest

The Gaufest weekend has much to offer, including workshops for fun and education.  Yes, some are scheduled at the same time as other activities, but each workshop will be videotaped. The videos and some written presentations will be available on the Gauverband website after the Gaufest. Enjoy!


Gruppenplatteln Warm-Up Group Needed!

Does your Verein want to be the warm-up group for Gruppenpreisplatteln on Saturday morning at the Gaufest?  Here's your chance!  Get in touch with me!  

27th Gaufest Adult Einzelplatteln Dance Order

June 10 Update:  This update includes correction of name spellings, addition of musician names, and a slight change to the order of Jugend Critique dance order.  THIS LINK takes you to the latest file (June 10) which can be read on line, printed, or downloaded.

Gaufest Bauernmesse Singers

Attention Singers!  If you have been a member of the Bauernmesse choir at previous Gaufeste or are familiar with the various parts of the Bauernmesse and would like to join us at this Gaufest, there will be a practice on Saturday morning, July 6, from 11 am-noon in the Lincoln Room.  Be sure to come to practice already in Festtracht, since we will most likely go right to the cathedral from there.  If you have any questions, please contact me at


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