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Gauverband Announcement

Gauverband Announcement

Gaufest 2007 Ehrentänze on Youtube

Submitted 26Jul2007. Hello everyone, here are all the videos I have from the Ehrentänze at Gaufest 2007. I hope you enjoy them. I had problems with 2 different videos. If you a group without a name, that was because I didn't know who they were. If you can recognize them, please let me know so I can edit their video. Rob Gunnemann, Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler, Anaheim, CA U.S.A

21. Gaufest Gruppenpreisplatteln Results

1st Place - United German Hungarians, Oakford, PA (61.79)
2nd Place - Gemütlichen Enzianer, Maspeth, NY (56.71)
3rd Place - SVEV D'Oberlandler, Milwaukee, WI (55.86) 

21. Gaufest Einzelpreisplatteln Results

Age Group 60+
1st Place - Rudy and Barbara Hermes, STV Bavaria, Cleveland (69.0)



Age Group 50-59
1st Place - Hans Menzinger, BGTV D'Lustigen Holzhacker Buam, Chicago and Anita Knoll, GTEV Edelweiß , Detroit (72.0)
2nd Place - Wolfgang and Nancy Wiewel, STV Bavaria, Cleveland (70.0)
3rd Place - Roger Mowery and Kathy Bruni, Enzian, Seattle (69.7)


Volksmusikanten Study Groups at 21. Gaufest in Hershey

Submitted 29 Apr 2007 In response to a Gaumusikanten Survey conducted in 2006 Volksmusikanten Study Groups have been scheduled as part of the 21. Gaufest in Hershey, PA. This is something new and if it is successful we will continue it and expand on it at future Gaufeste.

Gauverband Elects Officers

Submitted 08 May 2006 - The biennial Delegates Meeting of Gauverband Nordamerika was hosted by STV Bavaria Cleveland at their beautiful Vereinsheim in a Cleveland suburb. A "Vergelt's Gott" goes out to STV Bavaria for being such wonderful hosts!

A more detailed report of events will be included in the next "Gauzeitung." In the meantime, here are the results of elections and selections. Board members who are completely new to the board (as opposed to those who changed jobs) are marked with an asterisk.


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