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Gauverband Announcement

Gauverband Announcement

Otto Dufter Retires as Vorsitzender

After 17 years as Landesvorsitzender of the Bayerischer Trachtenverband, Otto Dufter has chosen to retire. At the elections conducted at the Trachtenverband’s Jahresversammlung (Delegates Meeting) today (Sunday, Sept. 25), Max Bertl of the Oberer Lechgauverband was chosen to be Otto’s successor.

Otto has been a friend to Gauverband Nordamerika, and we join the delegates at the Jahresversammlung in the standing ovation given to this dedicated and hardworking Trachtler. For nearly 50 years, the 76-year old has served in various offices within his Verein, the Chiemgau-Alpenverband, and the Trachtenverband; he has earned dozens of well-deserved awards and done enormous good for the Trachtenbewegung. He thanked his wife of 47 years, Hilde, for her never ending support. We look forward to many more years of friendship with Otto and Hilde and wish them both well in what will surely be a busy retirement.  Vergelt’s Gott, Otto!    (continued....)

New Reference Material Added!

New content has been added to the website!  Under Resources/Jugend -- the handout from the excellent workshop taught by Vroni Menzinger at the 2011 Gaufest has been added. Vroni is Gaujugendleiterin of the Huosigau Gauverband in Bayern.  She taught a workshop on how to conduct a youth practice. Included in the workshop were tips for a successful practice and three fun game dances to do with young people (although the adults enjoyed it just as much!).

2011 Gruppen- and Einzelpreisplatteln Results

Submitted July 11, 2011, by Mark La Course, 1. Gauvorplattler   The results of the 2011 Einzelpreisplatteln and Gruppenpreisplatteln are available at the links below. 

Heimatabend Program - Friday 7 p.m.

Submitted June 28, 2011, by Richard Michels, Gaumusikwart   (Link is fixed!)  The Heimatabend is scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, July 1.  This wonderful event features the musical talents of our Gauverband Vereine, as well as some of the friends who are visiting us from Bavaria. Afterwards, join in the Boarischer Tanz with music by D'Waidler Musi from the Bayerischer Wald. Ehrentänze will round out the evening.

Ehrentanz Schedule for Gaufest is Available

Updated June 28 by Mark La Course, 1. Gauvorplattler. The Ehrentanz schedule for the 2011 Gaufest has been finalized.  Click on the link below to find out when each Verein is dancing and what dances are being performed. The schedule is up to date as of June 26 and is subject to change.

2011 Ehrentanz Schedule for Gaufest

Minutes of Judges Preparation Weekend Available

Submitted by Mark La Course, 1. Gauvorplattler The minutes of the Judges Preparation Weekend are available online!  Click on the link below to read them.

2011 Judges Preparation Minutes


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