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German / Austrian Announcement

German / Austrian Announcement

Bayerische G'wandkultur

Doppel-Volksmusik CD to benefit Holzhausen

Nachrichten aus Bayern - News from Bavaria

Submitted 21Sept2007 by Carolyn Marquardt.

Preisplatteln um den Bayerischen Löwe

Submitted 20Jul2007 by Carolyn Marquardt

The 2007 Preisplattler und -deandldrahn der Gausieger um den "Bayerischen Löwen" was held on July 7, 2007 in Steingaden. It was hosted by the Lechgau. Franz Multerer, 1. Gauvorplattler, Hedwig Probst 1. Gaudirndlvertreterin and Martin Probst 1. Gaujugendleiter kept things running smoothly and then announced all the winners and gave them their Löwe pins and scoresheets.

Gau-N.A. mourns death of Hans Zapf

Submitted 17Mar2005. Hans Zapf, Ehrenvorsitzender of the Trachtenverband Bayern, died on March 11. His passing is mourned by his many friends and admirers in Gauverband Nordamerika. Hans, who just recently celebrated his 75th birthday, was a Trachtler through and through whose work and accomplishments in the Trachtenverband are unequaled. His friendship towards and support of the Gauverband in North America opened many doors for us in Bavaria, and that friendship will always be treasured.


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