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German / Austrian Announcement

German / Austrian Announcement

Bayrisches Woerterbuch

submitted 23.December2009 by C. Marquardt. Take a look at this link:
Bayrisches Woerterbuch.  

Bayerischer Trachtenverband Jahrestagung

Historical Oktoberfest - Historische Wiesn

Bavarian TV broadcast from Holzhausen

submitted 30September2010 by C. Marquardt  Click the links below to see the Bayerische Rundfunk TV broadcast Live from Holzhausen part I and II. The story contrasts the Tracht that is preserved in the archives at the Trachtenkulturzentrum and worn by Trachtler to what is worn at Oktoberfest. Tracht oder nicht Tracht?

American Trachtler visit Holzhausen

Sad News from Bayern

Maria Zapf, the widow of Hans Zapf, has died in Munich. Hans Zapf was the Vorsitzender of the Bavarian Trachtenverband for many years and then its Ehrenvorsitzender. He visited our Gaufeste at least twice & was a supporter of Gauverband Nordamerika. Hans died in 2005. Hans & Maria were lifelong Trachtler. Maria Zapf's funeral will take place on Friday, October 9.  


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