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Not all presentations fit into the neat categories of Tracht, Tanz, Musik, and Jugend, each of which has its very own tab. Here on the "Workshop" page are links to interesting topics outside of these categories.

Growing your Verein: The Power of Social Media

Social media in today's world plays a large role in the success of non-profit organizations. Best utilizing a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram in addition to a website can attract new follows, engage them in your mission as a Verein, and even draw them to become members! The very first online workshop presented by Gauverband Nordamerika's Communication and Education Committee focuses on social media and how it can help your Verein grow. This workshop will give you insight into the basics of social media, how to best use it for your organization, and the ways it will be beneficial. Enjoy tips and tricks of the "trade" and give it try!   A pdf of the video is also available for download.

Brauchtum (Customs):  Fingerhakeln

At the 2017 Gaufest, Fritz Sheffler did a presentation and demonstration of the popular sport of Fingerhakeln.  Read about it or download it at Fingerhakeln Presentation.


Schafkopf Instructions

Schafkopf is a popular card game in Bavaria and in Gau-NA. The game has been taught at many Delegates Meetings workshops, and a tournament is held at every Gaufest. Instructions on how to play the game were set by a Bavarian Schafkopf Congress in Munich. The instructions, originally in German, were translated by Tom Vogt. You can view and/or download the instructions from THIS LINK.


Click here to go to the Gauverband YouTube Channel

YouTube Videos on the YouTube channel include:

  • GauNordamerika Eats: How to make Laugenbrezn or traditional Bavarian Pretzels (added April 2023 to the YouTube Channel)
  • GauNordamerika Eats: How to make Allgäuer Wurstsalat
  • GauNordamerika Eats: How to make Kässpätzle
  • Workshops from 27. Gaufest (2019)
    • Alphorn Workshop
    • Fahnen Care Workshop 
    • How to run Plattlerprobe with Great Tips
    • Goasslschnalzen Workshop
    • Volkstanz Workshop
  • Workshops from 29. Gaufest (2023)
    • Lederhosen: Regional Differences

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