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Successful Judges Training Session Held

As the 24. Gaufest in Cleveland approaches, your dance officers would like to bring you an update as to where we are in our training of the Gaurichter.

As was discussed at the Delegates Meeting in New Jersey, the Richter are continuing to be trained on scoring according to the official score sheets. On the weekend of November 9-11, a training session took place in Lancaster, PA. 17 Richter worked together to improve their abilities to watch, critique and notate the performances they will be observing at future competitions. Five rookie judges were paired with seasoned judges to aid in their ability to get up to speed with the program. The first part of the training consisted of the Richter watching and scoring live performances of the Einzelplattler. After five or six couples would perform, we would break to discuss what was observed on the dance floor. Each of the Richter present was then asked what they saw during the dances and they shared their view with the others. This process was used throughout the weekend and the Richter all thought it was a very helpful training tool.

In the afternoon, both Einzel and Gruppen were performed. This consumed most of the bulk of Saturday, until late in the day when we adjourned to a meeting room to judge more dancing, this time utilizing the DVDs of previous Gruppenpreisplattler. This enabled us to show multiple groups dancing, start and stop the action based on questions being asked, and rewind and forward as the explanations were given. There was then an open forum type discussion on the dance rules and their interpretation. During these discussions and additional discussions held on Sunday morning, the Richter and dance officers broke down each section of the score sheet and talked through what each meant and how to judge each. A starting point of the middle of the available points per section was discussed and decided upon. The judges felt a virtual strict interpretation of the rules would help them judge more fairly and accurately. Discussions of what constituted a Plattler sequence were quite lively. After many comments and much discussion amongst the Richter themselves, a consensus was reached by the Richter and the three Vors. They have asked that we include the following statement:  “It is the opinion of the Richter, based upon the Gauverband Nordamerika Dance Rules and the Official Score Sheets, that Plattln for the majority of the Plattler sequence (16/32 measures) will be advantageous to the dancers in regards to scoring.” 


While the judges have been very busy with their homework, the dance officers have also been very busy. Spreadsheets have been created, with the help of Fritz Sheffler-BHTV Golden Gate and Erik Hugel GTEV Schlierachtaler Stamm, which include normalizing and are being debugged and prepared for use at the 24. Gaufest.


Training will continue right up until the 24. Gaufest. On the weekend of May 3-5, 2013, the judges that are selected to judge at the Gaufest will gather again for the Judges Preparation Weekend. Bids are now being accepted to host this training. Contact Mark LaCourse for information and bid forms. Because of the importance that this weekend holds, we anticipate a very full and busy weekend. A report on the activities of the Preparation Weekend will be published after its completion.


A reminder to all the Vereine and individuals planning on Preisplatteln this upcoming year.

Registrations for the Einzelpreisplattler are due online prior to May 4, 2013. Any registrations received after that will not be accepted. Also, registrations for Gruppenpreisplatteln are due on or before May 20, 2013.

As was done for the previous Einzelpreisplattler, the order of the dancers will be drawn on the Sunday of the Preparation Weekend. Again this year, the dances being done will be predetermined. The first couple drawn, in each age group, will perform the Heitauer, the second Haushamer, the third Reit Im Winkler, etc. Each participant will be informed of their placement and dance they will be doing in the following week after the Preparation Weekend to allow all the competitors to practice their dance leading up to the Gaufest.

We would like to thank our hosts, Alpenrose Schuhplattler, for this just completed Training Weekend. And also all the dancers that participated, allowing the Richter to judge live performances. We look forward to a successful Preparation Weekend and to seeing everyone at the 24. Gaufest.

Mit Trachtengruß,

Mark La Course, 1. Gauvorplattler

Adam Schaefer, 2. Gauvorplattler

Cindy Hartz, Gauvortänzerin


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