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Ruhe in Frieden, Leo Mayer

Leo Mayer, a long-time Gaubeisitzer, passed away October 26, 2018. Leo was a Gauverband judge for more than two decades beginning in 1981. He was elected as a Director, or Gaubeisitzer, at the Delegates Meeting held in Buffalo in 1986 and served in that role until the meeting in Omaha in 2000, a total of 14 years. For his dedicated service to the Gauverband, Leo was named an Ehrenbeisitzer at the Executive Board Meeting in Buffalo in 2003. Leo was amongst only the second class of officers ever to be named to an Ehren position in our Gauverband.

Leo first danced with D'Lustigen Isartaler in Munich before coming to the U.S.  After coming to the U.S., he was a member of TEV Edelweiss for over 50 years.

I recall fondly the Executive Board meetings that Leo attended. He always came into the room with an infectious smile on his face. When he commented at the meetings, it was always with careful consideration of the facts and he always kept the welfare of the Gauverband in the forefront. He will be missed here on earth by family and friends, but heaven has another "Münchner im Himmel" to watch over us.

The Gauverband sends its condolences to the family -- wife Barbara, daughters Barbara and Maria, son Leo Jr., and their families.    LINK TO OBITUARY

Ruhe in Frieden.

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