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New Info about Tracht from Trachtenkulturzentrum

Wolfgang Gensberger has generously shared four presentations that the Trachtenkulturzentum in Holzhausen has published. Three are about Tracht, the fourth is an informational handout about the Förderverein. Links to each are shown below. All presentations are in German and have numerous great photos that help tell the story. The presentations can also be accessed under "Resources/Tracht" and "Resources/Holzhausen" from the top menu.

Trachtenbewegung in Bayern -- a 22-page history of the Trachten movement in Bavaria.

Handwerkstechniken -- a 14-page presentation about various hand crafts techniques like embroidery, knitting, crocheting, bobbin lace making, and leather punching

Gut Behütet -- a 38 page presentation about the various hats and head coverings worn in Bavaria

Info about Förderverein - a one-page handout about the Förderverein at Holzhausen

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