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Kinderzimmer at Gaufest

From Gaujugendvertreterin Heidi von Recklinghausen:  On Friday, July 31st from 1:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. Diane Meck and her committee from the Mid- Atlantic Region have planned a Kinder Zimmer.  It will be held in the Gilpatrick Ballroom of the Hyatt Hotel.  The purpose is to allow the children in attendance at the Gaufest to meet new friends.  We all know many of us all met each other when we were kids and those friendships have been maintained over the years.  She and her committee have planned some games and crafts as well as obtained “Sha-Musi” so the kids can dance too!  There will also be an opportunity for our high school and college youth to obtain volunteer service credit for school if they volunteer to help throughout the afternoon.   It may be too late with the date of this writing; however, Diane had also recently posted a possibility of a Pizza Station, $20 per person with the deadline of July 18th. There must be a minimum of 25 people committed in order for this to happen.    If you have any questions regarding the Kinder Zimmer, reserve pizza, or would like to volunteer please contact Diane directly at


From Diane Meck: 

Hello Friends,

 I am Diane Meck from the Auerhahn Schuhplattler Verein, Oley PA. I have the honor of coordinating the activities for the Gaufest Kinder Zimmer on Friday from 1:30 to 4:00 in the Gilpatrick Ballroom of the Hyatt Hotel.  The purpose of the Kinder Zimmer is to give our younger Schuhplattlers the opportunity to meet each other and participate in some special activities.  The Kinder Zimmer is free!

If there is enough commitment, we can start the afternoon with a pizza buffet.  This will include pepperoni, cheese, sausage and/or veggie pizza and soda.  The optional Pizza Buffet cost is $20 per person (includes the taxes and service charges ) I need to have at least 25 people commit to the buffet by July 18 in order to make it happen.  Please let me know how many pre-orders for the buffet, what kind(s) of pizza you would like to have available, and who will be the contact person for your Verein.  Money will be collected in the Kinder Zimmer. (email to (Purchasing of food is not necessary for participating in the activities. I am offering it as a convenience during the busy schedule of events)

By 2:00, the Kinder Zimmer activities will start. Current plans include a couple of crafts, Flat Trachtlers, Trivia Questions, games, music by Scha-Musi, learning some songs and participating in some dancing.  For planning purposes, if you have children who are interested in participating or if you have high school / college age students who would help in the room for community service credit, please send me the following information: - Number of boys and girls in the following age range who might participate in the activities (Up to age 6, Ages 6 to 10, Ages 11-15 ). Names and contact information of any High School or College students who would be available to assist in the room and would like to receive community service credit.

I would also like to have a “participation raffle” in which the participants can earn raffle tickets for prizes.  If you have something that you can donate as a prize, please let me know.

If you want to participate in the Pizza Buffet, I need a commitment by Saturday, July 18. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you.  I can be contacted through email at or through Facebook (Diane Meck).

Thank you!

Diane Meck, Auerhahn Schuhplattler Verein

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