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Holzhausen to Celebrate Grand Opening!

Gauvorstand Tom Vogt, Ehrengauvorstand Walter Wieand, Gaubeisitzer Bob Hugel, and Gaufahnenträger Klaus Vikari are on their way to Bayern to take part in the grand opening of the Trachtenkulturzentrum in Holzhausen. The festivities on Saturday, May 2, will start with a church service in the inner courtyard of the complex and continue all day and Sunday. As each of the buildings has been completed over the last 10 years, there has been an opening to celebrate its introduction. But this weekend is a truly momentous occasion for the Bayerischer Trachtenverband because every building and the grounds are complete.  Every member Gauverband in Bayern will be represented.

Ten years, hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours, and many Euros have been invested in the building of a center that will serve so many. Although showcasing history is part of its purpose, the center has been built for the future of the Trachten movement with an eye towards involving young people. The entire complex will be open to participants and feature demonstrations of handicrafts, dance performances, music performances, Tracht displays in the museum, and more. The overnight facilities in the Jugendhaus are complete, and Gau-NA’s room is one of the dozen beautiful rooms that will be toured.

Two people who were very much looking forward to being there were Jerry and Marie Hugel from Schlierachtaler Stamm NY. They had planned to be there after a visit there just a few months ago. Sadly, they won’t be there except in spirit. Bob will be leaving a photo of them in the Gau-NA room in their honor, along with a few tears. Our delegation from Gau-NA will certainly represent us well. Vergelt’s Gott for taking the trip and representing us!  And congratulations to the Bayerischer Trachtenverband on this incredible accomplishment!

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