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Haldenwang Last Minute Parade & Trachtenmarkt Info

Festprogramm for Haldenwang

Take a look at D'Wageggler's website -- they have posted the order of the parade (Gau-NA is #11 out of 110 right between Musikkapelle Schrattenbach and the Festwagen of the Schützen Haldenwang) as well as the route that the parade will take.  The parade route is about 1.5 miles long and you'll walk from the tent to the assembly area and then march in the parade back to the tent.  3000 Trachtler will be taking part with numerous bands and Festwagen/"floats."

You'll also find out that there is a Trachtenmarkt at the Fest grounds on Saturday and Sunday.  There will be 15 vendors there from all over Bayern including Hut Braun; a ceramic pottery maker; Trachtenstoffe Simon with lots of yard goods; Klaus Bensmann, a Lederhosen maker (who can also tell you all about how Lederhosen are prepared); and a woman who makes the beautiful wire flower pins and jewelry.  The website introduced these five to us in the last couple of days -- perhaps they'll add more names as we get closer to the dates.

Also on the website -- driving directions to the Fest grounds.

Festabzeichen are available at the office in front of the Festzelt.  Recommendation that one person per Verein collect the money (3 Euros each) and buy them.

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