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Gauzeitung Christmas Greetings - Dec. 15

The November issue of the Gauzeitung is on its way. Time to turn my attention to the Christmas issue. Please let me know whether you or your Verein would like to take out a greeting to your fellow Gauverband members. The ads will be in color -- you can design your own ad or send me the outline of what you'd like in it.  Prices: $150/full page; $90/half page; $60/quarter page; $30 for 1/8 page. Deadline for notifying me of the space you'd like -- Dec. 15 (even if the actual ad doesn't arrive til Dec. 25!).  Send questions/ads to  You can mail the payment to me or wait til the bill is sent out in early 2016.  Thanks for your continuing support of YOUR Gauzeitung -- a publication for and about our members.

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