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D'Wageggler Börwang/Haldenwang Enjoyed our Gaufest

Six Trachtler and Trachtlerinnen from the Allgäu took part in the 26. Gaufest in Buffalo. They came to meet us and continue their talks with 2. Gauvorplattler Rudy Leschke about the 2018 Bayerischer Löwe competition. As you know, Gau-NA will be hosting the competition with the help of D'Wageggler. We'll also be participating in the Allgäuer Gaufest and a Fronleichnam celebration from May 31-June 3, 2018.  Thomas Karg is D'Wageggler's Vorplattler, and he is in frequent contact with Rudy about next year's Löwe. When they returned home, they posted an article about their experience on their website.  Click here to read and see photos.

D'Wageggler members attended all of the days of the Gaufest and took part in the Heimatabend, leading a different variation on the Auftanz as well as demonstrating an Einzelplattler "Allgäu style."  By all observations and their own admission, the six Wageggler members enjoyed their stay in Buffalo and meeting many of the members of Gau-NA.  We are all looking forward to continuing our friendships at the Löwe next year and well into the future.  Vergelt's Gott für's Kimma!

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