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Calling all Gau Musikanten

submitted 24November08 by C. Marquardt A Volksmusik Stube is being organized again for Gaufest 2009 in Toledo. It will be similar to the Volksmusik Stube at the Gaufest 2007 in Hershey. The plans include the following themes: Volksmusikanten/Volkssänger and those who wish to play/sing echte Volksmusik for the listening enjoyment of others or to join in or take turns playing the pieces you know; Training for those who wish to learn or teach new songs/music, exchange information on instrumental technique, bring your instruments, some will be available for loan; Study Groups - time slots will be arranged for pieces of music, specific instrumentation (e.g. brass, button box, strings) singers, etc. once these are known.

Arising from playing in study groups over the weekend, and depending on the levels of interest, capability, and instruments available, we hope to structure an informal Children's and Adult's Orchestra. If all works well, the objective will be to have the "orchestras" trained to play for all to hear, perhaps as part of the picnic on Sunday. Rick Michels, Gaumusikwart, will be organizing the Gauheimatabend with plenty of Volksmusik, which is separate from this activity. Come out and cultivate your musical interests.

For further information contact Erech Morrison (613) 825-4908 or Rick Michels (248) 879-2593. Complete and mail the survey. 

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