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Bayerischer Löwe 2018 - News from Haldenwang

Re-published on 6/15/2018*

The long anticipated weekend is over but we'll never forget what an amazing experience it has been.  D'Wageggler did a terrific job of hosting the Allgäuer Gaufest weekend and helping Gau-NA with the logistics of putting on the Bayerischer Löwe.  There's so much to tell but you'll have to wait for articles in the Gauzeitung and later website posts.  Huge kudos go out to 1. Gauvorplattler Rudy Leschke for his amazing organization skills and to 1. Gauvortänzerin Karin Schwab who was a great asset to Gau-NA.  2. Gauvorplatter Matt LaCourse and 2. Gauvortänzerin Christine Ott were also part of the well prepared leadership.  Dozens of people were involved in running dance circles, tabulation, registration, and more.  Gau-NA received much praise for how well we were able to run this huge event.  But that's not what you came here to read about, is it?  You want to know how your fellow Gau-NA Trachtlerinnen and Trachtler did in the competition. 

We can all be extremely proud of those great dancers who represented Gauverband Nordamerika!!  Here are the results:


  • 3rd Edelweiss Denver
  • 5th STV Bavaria Cleveland

14-16 Age Group (Buam)

  • 4th Tristan Allmendinger - Edelweiss Reading
  • 9th Kevin Rase - Edelweiss Denver

14-16 Age Group (Dirndl)

  • 5th Kyra Malofiy, UGH
  • 6th Sabine Doedee, Germania Almrausch Poughkeepsie
  • 10th Autumn Zodet, Alpenrose Lancaster

Aktiv I (Ages 17-35)

  • 6th Adam Hetzel, Bavaria Cleveland
  • 10th Patrick LaCourse, Edelweiss St Paul
  • 22nd Joe Claesgens, Edelweis St Paul

Aktiv I

  • 3rd Stefanie Schwab, Almrausch Philadelphia
  • 10th Juliana Jenssen, Edelweiss Denver
  • 18th Brittany Dunlap, Bavaria Cleveland

Aktiv II (Ages 36-49)

  • 15th Paul Ulrich, Bayern Verein Newark

Aktiv II

  • 4th Heidi Cramer, Miesbacher Oimtaler

Altersklasse (Ages 50-59)

  • 6th Juergen Friese, Miesbacher Oimtaler
  • 7th Michael Rase, Edelweiss Denver
  • 15th John Schwab,  Almrausch Philadelphia
  • 20th Adam Schaefer, Gemuetlichen Enzianer New York


  • 1st Karin Schwab, Almrausch Philadelphia
  • 3rd Maria Rase, Edelweiss Denver
  • 4th Michele Payne-Nixon, Gemuetlichen Enzianer New York
  • 5th Janet Malofiy, UGH

Ehrenklasse (60+)

  • 1st Donald LaCourse, Edelweiss St Paul
  • 5th Roger Mowery, Enzian Seattlle
  • 6th Ed Mayer, Edelweiss Passaic


  • 4th Kathy Bruni, Enzian Seattle
  • 5th Jutta Hugel, Schlierachtaler Stamm NY
  • 6th Ellen Mayer, Edelweiss Passaic

List of complete results with all competitors -- click here.

* The results were originally posted on 6/3.  However, errors were discovered the next day and the Gauvorplattler asked that the results be pulled.  More will be written in the Gauzeitung about what exactly happened.

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