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Click on the events below to see more detail about the event.  Some events do not yet have more detail -- when available, it will be added.


2024 Feb-Nov.: Seminars being held by the Bayerischer Trachtenverband in Holzhausen. More info HERE.

2024, Feb. 24: SG Alpenrose Orlando's Fahnenweihe Celebration. More info HERE.

2024, April 5-7: West Coast Bezirksfest with Fahnenweihe, hosted by Alpentänzer Sacramento, California. More info HERE.

2024, April 5-6: Mittelwest Bezirks Heimatfest, hosted by SV Blautaler, Kansas City, Missouri.  More info HERE.  Hotel information HERE.

2024, April 13: D'Werdenfelser Sheboygan, Wisconsin's 90th Anniversary Celebration. More info HERE.

2024, April 27: Alpen SuTV d'Pittsburgher, Pittsburgh, 60. Stiftungsfest.  More info HERE.

2024, May 3-5: Delegates Meeting, hosted by Enzian Volkstanzgruppe in Newark, Delaware.  Info about timeline leading up to the meeting is HERE.

2024, May 18: BGTV D'Lustigen Holzhacker Buam Chicago's 100th Anniversary.  More info HERE.

2024 Summer in Bayern Events -- List of Gaufeste.  More info HERE.

2024, June 6-9: Huosigau Heimattage/Gaufest in Steinebach.  Saturday, June 8: BAYERISCHER LÖWE.  Sunday, June 9: Festzug & Festtag.  More info at: THIS LINK, then select Gaufest 2024

2024, June 14-16: Vier Länder Gebietsfest, hosted by BSC Holzhackerbuam, Toledo, Ohio  (date change as of Jan. 9)

2024, June 22: GTV Edelweiss Reading, PA's 75 Stiftungsfest at the Liederkranz in Reading.  More info at THIS LINK

2024, August 24: Auerhahn Schuhplattler, Oley, PA's 45th Stiftungsfest.


2025, March 21-23:  West Coast Bezirksfest hosted by GHTV Golden Gate San Francisco in conjunction with their 20th anniversary.

2025, April 25-27: 100. Jubiläum, GTV Almrausch, Philadelphia, PA

2025, May 3: SGTEV Hirschjäger Fahnenweihe und 50. Stiftungsfest.

2025, July 3-6: 30. Gaufest, hosted by Enzian Volkstanzgruppe & United German Hungarians in Newark, Delaware


2026, May 1-3: Delegates Meeting, hosted by Edelweiss Buffalo in Buffalo, NY


2027, July 8-11, Gaufest, hosted by Edelweiss Reading to be held in Lancaster, PA




Below is past info:

OKTOBERFEST IN MUENCHEN, September 2022 -- What you need to know (this area will be updated as more information is known)



2022 - all events are subject to change due to (what else?) the ongoing pandemic

2022 April 1-3: SVV Original Enzian, Franklin Square, NY -- 100th Anniversary Festwochenende -- more info at THIS LINK or go to their website at THIS LINK

2022 April 29-May 1: Gau-NA Delegates Meeting (April 29-May 1) Will be virtual.  More details at THIS LINK

2022 May 20-22: West Bezirksfest hosted by the Bavarian Schuhplattlers of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  More details on hotels, registration, tickets, etc. at THIS LINK

2022 May 20-22: Huosigau Gaufest, hosted by HVTV D'Paartaler Merching (near Königsbrunn) in conjunction with the 100. Stiftungsfest of the Verein. See their website at THIS LINK.  (Noted here because it is the week before the Löwe)

2022 May 26: Bayerischer Löwe, hosted by the Loisachtaler Gauverband. In conjunction with the 100. Stiftungsfest of the Trachtenverein Almrösl Hohenschäftlarn in Hohenschäftlarn (Gau-NA's involvement is being discussed). Loisachtaler Gaufest is May 27-29. See announcement at THIS LINKThe decision to cancel both the Loisachtaler Gaufest & the Bayerischer Löwe was announced on Feb. 21, 2022, at THIS LINK.

2022 June 15-19: Oberpfälzer Gautrachtenfest, Deutsches Gautrachtenfest, and Enzian Bruck's 100th Jubiläum -- held in Bruck i.d. Oberpfälz.  See more at THIS LINK.

2022 July 7-10:  28. Gaufest, hosted by Edelweiss Passaic.  More at THIS LINK  (rescheduled from 2021)

2022 Sept. 18-19: Münchner Oktoberfest Trachtenzug (Sunday), Gau-NA performances (Monday) -- in München!

2022 Nov. 18-20: Vier Länder Gebietsfest hosted by Isarlater Pittsburgh in conjunction with their 50. Jubiläum. (new date as of 4/2021--rescheduled from July) 



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