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Grosser Gauheimatabend und Boarischer Tanz

The Gauheimatabend und Boarischer Tanz begins at 7:30 pm, Friday, July 31, in the Wisconsin Center, Ballroom D. An approximately 1 1/2 hour program of authentic Bavarian-alpine music and song will be performed by 13 different groups: everything from Alphorn to Zither & Ziach! The Boarischer Tanz begins immediately after the program with “Siasswasser Tanzlmusi” from Detroit providing the Tanzlmusi.


Judges Training Minutes & Schedule for Einzelpreisplatteln

Gauvorplattler Adam Schaefer has re-released the order of dance for Einzelpreisplatteln couples in the 16-60+ age groups. The files in the attached links can be viewed on line, printed, or downloaded.  Note that the order has not changed; however, additional information has been added. The EP file contains five pages – the first three are organized by age group and order of dance within each group, including dancers’ names, Verein, order of dance, and estimated time of performance.


Successful Judges Training Session Held

As the 24. Gaufest in Cleveland approaches, your dance officers would like to bring you an update as to where we are in our training of the Gaurichter.


Website Keeps Expanding!

Have you noticed all the new items on the website? Here's what's happened in the last few weeks:

Videos of Einzelpreisplatteln from 23. Gaufest

New on Sept. 5: More videos have been added including clips from the Volksmusikstube, Heimatabend, and some Ehrentänze!  Videos of  Einzelpreisplatteln (ages 16-34) at the 23. Gaufest in Orlando, FL have been posted to Youtube by Rob Gunnemann of Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler, Anaheim, CA.  Congratulations to everyone who participated.  Thank you Rob for sharing these videos!   Link: YouTube videos.  (Other age groups will be added.)


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