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Judges Training Minutes & Schedule for Einzelpreisplatteln

Gauvorplattler Adam Schaefer has re-released the order of dance for Einzelpreisplatteln couples in the 16-60+ age groups. The files in the attached links can be viewed on line, printed, or downloaded.  Note that the order has not changed; however, additional information has been added. The EP file contains five pages – the first three are organized by age group and order of dance within each group, including dancers’ names, Verein, order of dance, and estimated time of performance. Pages 4-5 are a side-by-side comparison of the two circles: Circle 1 (16-34 age group) and Circle 2 (all other age groups) with names only and times. You'll notice a yellow highlighted time slot that shows where breaks are scheduled. Einzelpreisplatteln will begin at 9 am, and Circle 1 will likely not finish until about 2 pm! The times listed are estimates and may change.  2015 EP Schedule by Age and Time

The minutes of the judges preparation weekend held in early June are now available. Please read them carefully. The minutes to a previous training session had an error—the minutes at this link show the correction, highlighted in yellow.   2015 June Judges Prep Minutes



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